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(Jamie just told Paul that she slept with her college professor at Yale) Paul- "Well that just doesn't seem right I mean, that's an ivy league school" Jamie- "Honey, once the lights go out nobody cares what you got on your SATs"

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(Jamie dreaming she is married to Nat) Jamie- "Honey, wake up" Nat- "What's the matter? Are you all right there, Mrs. Buchman?" Jamie- "Nat, we've been married for four years, you've got to stop calling me that" Nat- "Right, right, I'm sorry, did you have a bad dream there, Mrs. Buch...honey!"

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Dr. Griffin- "Hello Jamie" Jamie- "Hiiiii Dr. Griffin!" Dr. Griffin- "So how's my patient? They've been treating you ok?" Jamie- "Hiiiii Dr. Griffin!"

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Paul- "What she say, 'you weren't kidding about my ears?' why would you be kidding about my ears?" Jamie- "I wasn't" Paul- "So why would she say that?" Jamie- "It's an expression" Paul- "You weren't kidding about his ears? I've never heard that" Jamie- "It's a girl thing, ya know like guys have...'Hi how ya doin'"

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(Paul and Jamie are stuck in the bathroom) Jamie- "How do you feel about knocking the door down?" Paul- "Go for it" Jamie- "I meant you" Paul- "Oh, well that's very different"

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Jamie- "Do you want to tell me why we just lied to our closest friends?" Paul- "They wanted to take us to dinner" Jamie- "The bastards"

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