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(Paul at hospital trying to produce a sperm sample) Jamie- "I wanna be loved by you just you and nobody else will do, I wanna be loved by you alone, boo boo be du"

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Jamie- "What are you making?" Paul- "Your favorite" Jamie- "French toast?" Paul- "No" Jamie- "Waffles?" Paul- "No" Jamie- "I give up" Paul- "Eggs..benedict" Jamie- "My favorite!"

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Jamie- "I can be a mommy and a bureaucrat, I can have morning sickness on the subway, it's not like no one ever through up on the F train before!"

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Paul, Mark, and Ira all in a bar singing "Your cheating heart"

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Jamie- "Wanna play checkers?" Paul- "No" Jamie- "Chess?" Paul- "No" Jamie- "Yahtzee?" Paul- "No" Jamie- "I'll kick your ass at yahtzee" Paul- "All right, a little yahtzee and then goodnight" Jamie- "Yippee!!"

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(Jamie immitating Paul attempting to get his attention) Jamie- "I said the chicken was a poem...really, see right there I was thinking chicken then suddenely I wasn't in a chicken frame of mind. Honey, do you think Murray's Ok out there? Of course he is, A, he's in the vestibule, and 2, he's got fur. What's the matter are you saying he's not ok honey cause if your saying he's not ok, sweetie, no no no you're right, in fact you are consistently right, me not so much...Pay attention to me!!!"

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Jamie singing 'Copacabana'

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Paul- "Listen, ya know, if I could have the kid" Jamie- "Don't even start, you'd have one cramp and kill yourself"

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Jamie- "What about my hair?" Paul- "Bring it" Jamie- "What if everyone but me has dressy hair?" Paul- "Oh, well then they'll point and laugh"

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