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Frasier: "How could I have been so blind?"
Lilith: "Don't blame yourself."
Diane: "That's right, you can't blame anyone in these
Carla: "He can blame you."

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Carla: "I cannot let any man touch me, talk to me, or
see me, or I'll be shooting out kids like a pez

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Carla: "Frasier, you're brilliant, that is one of these
most brilliant ideas you've ever had, and you've had a
lot of brilliant ideas."
Frasier: "Thank you Carla."
Carla: "See Woody, it works, bonehead bought it."

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Diane: "Hello...Sam...Are you Sam?"
Woman: "Yes, he's here."
Diane: "Someone named Vicki."
Sam: "No, no, no, no..."

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The Cheers Theme Song

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Frasier: "Come on, Norm, why don't you just give
up? You're finished."
Woody: "Well, not necessarily, he could move this
piece over to here."
Frasier: "My God, Woody, that's brilliant. You're
suggesting that after two futile inter-positions, an
attempt to force unobstructed access to the eighth
Woody: "Well, no, I'm saying you should take your
horsey with his little pointy head...no not that one."
Frasier: "Too late, checkmate...Ha ha ha, good game
Norm...Ok, next victim."

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Frasier: "Woody, you must be an idiot savant."
Woody: "Yeah, but I cover it by smiling a lot."

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Woody: "<bombing noises>"
Frasier: "Woody, I refuse to continue playing if every time you take one of my pieces you go <bombing noises>"
Woody: "I'm sorry, Dr. Crane, I thought it added a little bit of excitement to the game."
Frasier: "Well, it doesn't...Ok Woody. You know I think it's time we took off the glasses. I've allowed you to defeat me several times...because I was going easy on you so as not to crush your natural enthusiasm. But I think it's time you took a giant step toward maturity. There are a great many lessons to be learned in defeat. Chief among them is how to lose gracefully."
Woody: "Checkmate"
Frasier: Yells Woody: "Is this my king? <more bombing noises>"

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Cliff: "I'm ashamed God made me a man."
Carla: "I don't think God's doing a lot of bragging about it either."

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Coach: "What I'd do was, I'd get up there and lean my body into the pitch, right, and well sometimes I took one right in the old melon, but, I, I mean, I really made a science out of it, I became a master...well here, try to miss me."
Diane: "Aww"
Coach: "You ready? Ok, here we go."
Diane: "I'm not going to get it anywhere near him."
Sam: "That's the whole point."
<Bonk> Diane: <Gasp> Coach: "On my way to base!"

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