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Gill:From this moment you will now be known as Shark Bait.
Fish:Shark Bait! Hoo ha ha!
Gill:Welcome, Brother Shark Bait!
Fish:Shark Bait! Hoo ha ha!
Gill:Enough with Shark Bait.
Gurgle:Shark Bait! Hoo... bop pa doo.

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Deb:Kid if there's anything you need just ask your Auntie Deb, thats me. if I'm not around you can always talk to sister, Floe. Hi how are ya. Don't listen to anything sister says. She's nuts!

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Peach:That's shortest red light I've ever seen!

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Dory:See I suffer from short term memory loss.
Marlin:Short term memory loss? I don't believe this!
Dory:No it's true, I forget things almost instantly. It runs family... well at least I think it does. hmm... where are they? ...Can I help you?

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Marlin:What is it?
Dory:It's sooo pretty.
Marlin:I'm feeling... happy, which is big deal for me.
Dory:I want to touch it...
Marlin:Hey, come back. Come back here.
Dory:I'm gonna get you.
Marlin:I'm gonna get you.
Dory:I'm gonna get you.
Marlin:I'm gonna swim with you...
Dory:I'm gonna get you.
Marlin:I'm gonna be your best friend...
Marlin:Good feelings gone.

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Dory:I shall call him squishy he shall be mine, he shall be squishy. Come on, squishy Come here, little squishy.
Marlin:Dory! That's jelly fish!
Dory:Ow! Bad squishy! Bad squishy!

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