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Borat: Should I make joke about mother-in-law?
Pat Haggerty: Yes, America, that's very popular joke. Do you have mother-in-law joke?
Borat: Yes.
Pat Haggerty: Alright.
Borat: I had sexy time with mother-in-law.
Pat Haggerty: what time?
Borat: Sexy time. I made sexy time with mother-in-law.
Pat Haggerty: You had sex with your mother-in-law?
Borat: Yes.
Pat Haggerty: Uh, I don't think that Americans would find that funny.
Borat: No, it is not joke.
Pat Haggerty: Yeah, we're talking about, um, humor.
Borat: Oh, yes, you asked me about mother-in-law.
Pat Haggerty: Do you have joke about your mother-in-law?
Borat: No, why make joke mother-in-law?
Pat Haggerty: Um--

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Borat: I took bus to Los Angeles with some friends Mr. Jesus. Finally I had arrive. Happy times.

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Driving Instructor: Watch children.
Borat: Okay, no problem.
Driving Instructor: You must not hit children.

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Borat: I had no car, no money no Azamat. only thing keeping me going was dream one day holding Pamela arms then making romantic explosion her stomach.

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Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen): name Borat. I like you. I like sex. It's nice.

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Borat: I now will sing our Kazakh national anthem to tune your national anthem. Please stand. (singing) Kazakhstan is greatest country world. All other countries are run by little girls. Kazakhstan is number one exporter potassium. Other central Asian countries have inferior potassium. Kazakhstan is greatest country world. All other countries is home gays.

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Borat: Sometime sister, she show her vagine to brother, Bilo, say 'You will never get this. You will never get this. La-la-la-la-la.' He, uh, behind his cage, crazy, crazy. Everybody laugh. She go, 'You never get this.' Uh, but one time he break cage he get this. then we laugh. High five.
Pat Haggerty: Now, um-- Um, no, that would not be funny America, okay?

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Driving Instructor: name is Mike. I'm gonna be your driving instructor. Welcome to our country, okay?
Borat: name Borat. (He kisses him cheeks.)
Driving Instructor: Okay, okay, good, good. I'm not used to that, but that's fine.

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