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Reporter at Sign Ups: So, let me ask you, any thoughts competition? what does new gold medal mean for you?
Fairchild: It doesn't mean as much as winning America's hearts. That's very important to us.
Reporter at Sign Ups: Now, we haven't seen you about three half years. What have you been up to?
Stranz: Skating.

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Coach: if you're at all interested self-preservation, you take off your shoes before you set foot Berber.
Chazz: Why would we step baby food?
Jimmy: He's talking about carpet. Berber?
Chazz: What are you, rug doctor?
Jimmy: Maybe I am.
Chazz: I'm rug master.
Jimmy: What does that even mean?
Coach: Just shut up take off your damn shoes.

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Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell): Hey, MacElroy. Was that your routine? performance Cirque du So-lame?

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Chazz: Personal philosophy: clothing optional.


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Hector: Look, I almost gave up you. I started working with that Ukrainian skater, you know one that looks like Elvis? I moved to Ukraine it was cold everyone had guns smelled like soup.

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Chazz: Hey, I was quaaludes. I don't even remember Oslo. But I remember Boston, that victory was as sweet as cream pie for which town was named.

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Chazz: Before big competition, I like to work with leather. Native Americans always said that working with hides pelts releases soul. These are couple diaper bags I made for Faith Hill.


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Chazz: No way. This guy could not hold jock sweat.
Jimmy: I could hold it all day long. Try me.
Chazz: Maybe I will.
Jimmy: Maybe you should.
Chazz: You challenging me, Princess?
Jimmy: I'm not inviting you to Skating Federation's Annual Christmas Party.
Chazz: Then bring it on!
Jimmy: It is on!
Coach: Good. We're agreement then.
Chazz: What?
Jimmy: What? v

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Scott Hamilton: Well, Stranz Fairchild, how heavy is that gold around your necks?
Fairchild Van Waldenberg (Amy Poehler): Scott, this may be solid gold but to us, it's lighter than air because dreams never weigh you down.
Stranz Van Waldenberg (Will Arnett): No. Dreams are your sleep.


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Hector: Oh! I'm still gonna kill you someday.


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