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Andy: Wow, this is, uh, pretty crowded.
David: Yeah, well, you know, it's $9 beer night.

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Andy: You know, I may not have had sex, but I could bleep you up. Yeah.

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Jay: Dude, I will hang your old ass by your turban.
Mooj: Oh, turban now? Do you see any bleeping turban here? Do I talk like turban guy? Do I say, 'Hey, Jay, do you want Slurpee? You want Slurpee?' bleep you, okay? I was born Brooklyn. Brooklyn, okay? accent is bleeping Brooklyn accent, okay? Okay?!

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Andy: Yeah, well, virgin's not dirty word. You know what's dirty word, is bleephole that's what you guys are.

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Andy: God, Friday, when I went home, I really wanted an egg-salad sandwich. I was just obsessing about it I was like: 'Man, I'm gonna make one those.' So-so, Saturday I went out got, like, dozen eggs I boiled them all then I just I-I spent, I don't know, probably three hours... like three half hours making you know, mayonnaise onions paprika and, you know, all accoutrement. then by time I was done I just really didn't feel like eating it.
Cal: I can imagine.
Andy: I didn't have any bread. So, you know, it was pretty good. It was pretty good weekend.
Cal: Sounds pretty awesome.
Andy: Yeah, it was-- it was fine.
Cal: Sounds really fun. Cool!
Andy: Cool.
Cal: Cool, cool.


25-Mar-2008234184 K 5.00 / 5.0

Mooj: Don't let him bother you. It's okay not to have sex. Not everybody is pussy magnet. You are... what are you? 25?
Andy: I'm 40.
Mooj: Holy bleep, man. You've got to get that.

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David: Our souls were connected this way, I can't describe it. Time stood still. It was like we were sharing same heart.
Jay: Stop, man! Why do you always come kill vibe with those things? 'Sharing same heart,' that's like some Britney Speas bleep, man. This is three grown-ass men, don't nobody want to hear that bleep.
Andy: Yeah, man, come on, nobody wants to hear that bleep.

26-Mar-200817877 K 0.0 / 5.0

Jay: You-you broke up two years ago. You, like, get over it at some point.
Cal: Two years, man.
Andy: You need to get past that, because, no ass is worth thinkin' that much about... I always say.

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Jay: Dude, are you gay?
Andy: No, I'm net gay. I've been with tons women.
Cal: I touched guy's balls at Hebrew school once.
Jay: Dude, it's not big deal. You like to bleep guys. I'm cool. I got friends that bleep guys... jail.

26-Mar-200818646 K 5.00 / 5.0

Cal: She had the-- her tits were were unbelievable.
Andy: Oh, man, I love titties. So...

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